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'I thought I would never sing again': Saskatoon woman aims to empower Afghan women through singing group

Maryam Masoomi escaped Afghanistan for the very reason she brings joy to young Afghan women in Saskatoon, singing about female empowerment.

Masoomi was targeted by the Taliban because she’s a Hazara woman, as well as for her all-female singing group 'Sound of Afghanistan'.

The group sings about education, peace, female empowerment, and the women back home.

“When the Taliban took over the country, I thought I would never sing again, and we would never be on stage again,” Masoomi told CTV News.

She and her family arrived in Saskatoon in October 2021. Masoomi brought her spirit and singing voice with her to reunite the group.

All-female singing group 'Sound of Afghanistan'. (Submitted)

The group of roughly 20 girls performed on Canada Day, a day to celebrate their new home and freedom and song.

“They’re just at home. They have no future there, no school. We are here, and we always sing for those girls.”

Masoomi also works at the Saskatoon OpenDoor Society, facilitating a music program for youth on the weekends.

Sultan Ali Sadat is the HR director of the society and says Masoomi’s presence has had a positive impact on the people around her.

“She’s very dedicated to make sure all the girls that came with her, should be finding their place and pursuing their education and becoming a good fabric of this new society,” Salat said.

Masoomi has also been recognized by the Saskatoon Police Service and by parliament in Ottawa for her leadership.

Sound of Afghanistan has plans to perform for Christmas and New Year’s Eve with dreams of performing on a national stage. Top Stories

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