In the wake of photos emerging which show Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in brownface and blackface, CTV News asked some in Saskatoon what they think about the controversy.

"I do think it's insulting, but I don't know. I also kind of support his apology for it. It might be contrary to popular belief, but I think he's truly sorry. I think that we do things sometimes we don’t mean to do, so I think I accept his apology. I agree with the outcry coming from the public but at the same time I think we should also be understanding." - Lola Agebogun

"Obviously people really get in a lot of (expletive) for the blackface thing, so obviously he should be treated the same way. I don't really follow the news, I'm not into politics, but it seems pretty wrong in my opinion." - Rishabh Sohanpal

"He shouldn't have done it, go on from that. He was in high school or something like that, everybody does stupid stuff in high school." - Ron Himdmarsh

"I felt it was inappropriate, but he has stepped out before with some goofy looking outfits, so it is what it is." - Al Myers

In an email statement, Rhonda Rosenberg, executive director for the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan said: “MCoS is a non-profit non-partisan organization. As part of public education, our message has always been that cultures are not costumes. Once we are aware, we are all responsible for working on systemic, institutional, cultural, and individual racism and discrimination of all types.”