Vaibhav Thakar wanted to welcome his new wife to Canada with a special surprise.

"My wife was coming for the first time, so it has to be magical,” the North Battleford, Sask., man said.

His wife, Himadri, was moving to Canada from Bahrain to be with her husband. The couple, who met three years ago in India and married last month, had been apart for most of their relationship, because Thakar has lived in Canada.

He wanted her arrival at Saskatoon’s airport — which came Monday night after 34 hours of flying — to be special, so he prepared a dance.

“I hate flights and was really exhausted from the travel and journey,” Himadri said. “I came outside and was like, ‘Wow!’ They were like dancing to the beautiful songs, the Bollywood songs. It was mesmerizing. Of course he dances great.”

Skyxe posted a video of Thakar’s dance online — on multiple social media platforms — and the posts quickly took flight. They’ve so far garnered tens of thousands of views, which has taken Thakar by surprise.

“I said, ‘OK. This must be a big deal then.’”

The couple will be celebrating their third year together next week. They said they hope many more dances are in store for the future.