SASKATOON -- With the touch of a button, one app is helping customers keep money in their pocket and reduce food waste.

“It's just 100 per cent awesome, you’ve definitely got to use it,” Superstore customer Dean Bazowski said.

Bazowski is one of many customers Flashfood. Available in Real Canadian Superstores across Canada, the app allows people to buy close to expiry date items, while saving dollars from the bill. Bazowski said he appreciates the simple method of purchase and appreciates the choices available in store each week.

“I think it's great, cause you get the really good deals,” said Bazowski. “It's excellent, it works really quick. From pork chops to steak, hamburger, there's muffins, bread, all sorts of things on there.”

Bazowski said he uses the service more than once a week and said he could see the service implemented across more grocery stores in the country. Superstore store manager Wesley Johnson said the app works to reduce food waste that will occur on everyday purchases.

“Number one thing is cutting food waste,” said Johnson. “App usage has been great we've already saved people thousands of dollars. There's lots of savvy shoppers who use this on a daily basis. It's been great, we've saved about 7,000 pounds of food going in the garbage this year.”

Johnson said his location started offering the service this summer and sees some customers only use the app to purchase groceries from the store. The COO of Flashfood, Cedric Samaha, said their application can change the trend of wasting food in the country.

“Every year in Canada, grocers throw away about $3 billion worth of food and we found it as an opportunity for us to target this marketplace and help grocers reduce that,” said Samaha.