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Ever wanted an office cat? The Saskatoon SPCA has you covered.


Saskatoon’s SPCA is now offering foster cats to offices.

According to a Facebook post on the organization’s page, Saskatoon and area businesses and offices can sign up to foster a cat in their workplace for free.

Manager of animal care and community engagement Jemma Omidian said it was a new idea for the organization.

“With our current cat population and the way that the year has kind of been going with a very high capacity basically year round, why not expand in a more innovative way and allow people to foster cats in offices?”

She said the program only applied to cats as they were low maintenance and could be left alone overnight in an office.

“If it's a dog in the office at five o'clock at night and you leave till the next day, it can get a little bit tricky there.”

There are a number of benefits to both the animals and the foster providers, Omidian said.

“We cover everything for all of our animals going into foster care, from food to litter boxes to litter to basically anything you need — literally all of the expenses are covered.”

The Facebook post said having a cat in the office can boost morale among employees, reduce stress, and be a free pest control option.

For the cats, socialization and finding a forever home are the top reasons the SPCA is trying out the program.

“Our shelter environment is a high-stress place for cats to be. We try really hard with increase enrichment and having the volunteer program going. However, it's not a substitute for a home,” Omidian said.

“Whereas an office building is a great substitute for them. They get to have that enrichment. They get to have that socialization with employees, and an added benefit is that they actually get increased exposure so we can get more people interested in them and hopefully find them that happy forever home a lot sooner.”

She said any type of office environment would be ideal for a cat.

Those interested can fill in a foster application on the SPCA website.

Omidian said the SPCA would work to find a good office mate match.

“We are going into our typical high season and kitten season is coming, so right now we are really looking to get more foster homes for these animals. Top Stories

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