A Saskatoon family is breathing a sigh of relief today after the federal cancelled a deportation order.

Eniko Kincses and her 22-year-old daughter Boglarka were set to be deported to Romania. The 22-year-old suffers from Cerebral Palsy, and was deemed medically ineligible for Canadian citizenship.

Immigration officials made the original deportation decision after deciding Kincses’ daughter’s condition would place excessive demands on Canada’s healthcare system.

The family is now allowed to stay in Saskatoon while the government reviews their immigration file.

“I’m the happiest ever, and I try to let her know that things are going to change completely,” said Kincses.

After hearing about the deportation order, the Government of Saskatchewan rallied to the Kincses’ cause. The provincial health minister and 200 supporters signed letters to the federal government asking them to reverse their decision.

After the backlash, the deportation was cancelled.

The family’s lawyer said Boglarka is very healthy apart from her condition.

The federal government is now reviewing the case.