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CEO of Hospitality Saskatchewan expects 'advancement' in mandatory COVID-19 vaccines


The CEO of Hospitality Saskatchewan says music venues won't be the only businesses in Saskatoon to require mandatory vaccines.

"I think that within certain sectors there is going to be advancement in this, particularly from the events and festivals perspective,” Jim Bence said.

Amigos Cantina announced this week it will require patrons at shows to be vaccinated.

The Black Cat Tavern told CTV News it will do the same for some events in the works. It’s also keeping plexiglass on its stage.

The Capitol Music Club, which has been hosting live events, says it's "considering" mandating vaccines for live shows.

There are no government-mandated vaccine orders, which leaves all health measures up to the individual businesses.

"Do they want to keep themselves, their staff and the customers safe, and if the best way that they can do it in their estimation is to have a mandatory vaccine policy in place, that's up to their discretion," Bence said.

Much of the decision-making could come down artists or promoters.

"If they're saying, look, you will only have an event in your province or in your city if there's a mandatory vaccine policy in place, then really, it puts the pressure on.

"I think you'll see more and more businesses go that way."

Stuart Rudner, an employment lawyer and mediator, says requiring vaccinations at establishments depends on the need.

He says scenarios like Amigos and other live music would most likely be warranted.

"If we're talking about a restaurant or a theatre a crowded building of one kind or another it's pretty credible to say that, you know, we need to do this in order to ensure safety."

Live Nation Canada, which is holding several concerts across Canada, has announced all artists and fans must either show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test to enter shows no later than Oct. 4.

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