SASKATOON -- Mason Davies has made significant strides to play the game he loves.

"He loves skating and he's really good at it. It's crazy because you would never know that he'd have a club foot," said his mother, Natasha Davies.

Skating was, however, harder as his foot was turned, she said. He had surgery in February to correct the condition, which can occur in one out of 1,000 children.

"Then after the surgery he couldn't walk for about two months and then he went back to school and graduated from pre-school and then he said, ‘mom I want to go back into hockey’ and I said 'okay let's try it' and his face lit up and he looks up to the Blades and all kinds of hockey teams," Davies said.

Skating is improving not only Mason’s conditioning but also his courage and confidence, despite having to wear casts and splints, his parents say.

"He always talks about it with me and says 'oh yeah I'm playing hockey today dad,' come and watch me," said Jacob Morash, Mason's father.

On Saturday night, Mason was invited to sit behind the bench with the Saskatoon Blades and meet the players. When asked about Saturday's meet and greet, Mason said he's not afraid to meet anybody and wanted to meet everyone.

Mason's parents say the game of hockey continues to improve their son's life, one shift at a time.