SASKATOON -- The University of Saskatchewan says it will continue to deliver many of its programs remotely this fall.

“The planned September delivery model will combine primarily remote online learning, with limited classroom, laboratory, clinical, and physical instruction only where warranted and where circumstances permit, in consultation with public health and Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer,” the university said in a news release Tuesday.

“This direction reflects comprehensive analysis and planning work done at the university over the months since the emergence of COVID-19, and is based on current pandemic knowledge and projections. The planned direction also provides the programming flexibility needed to manage the potential risks while ensuring the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

Deans, associate deans and graduate chairs are working with department heads and others to identify the programming that will be done remotely, as well as academic programming elements and research that require an in-person mode of delivery, the university says.

Every effort will be made to communicate information about the mode of delivery of specific programs to students as soon as possible, the university says.