SASKATOON -- Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe is again apologizing for his role in a fatal collision following a Facebook post from a man who says his mother was killed in the crash.

In the post, Stevo Balog said his mother was killed in the 1997 crash and he was the injured passenger. Balog claims he only just learned of Moe's involvement.

“23 years and I find out our Premier Scott Moe killed my mother,” Balog wrote.

“I am literally destroyed knowing this man is our premier. Scott Moe should have paid the price for my mother’s life and the scars and dislocated rib I live with for the rest of my life.”

During a campaign event in Saskatoon, while addressing a reporter’s question about the post, Moe apologized for his actions when he was 24 years old.

“I am aware that there is a social media post yesterday by a family member and it indicates that he is only now learning that it was myself in that automobile accident. I would offer my deepest apologies,” Moe said.  

Moe was driving on a gravel road to his parents' farm in Shellbrook, Sask., in 1997, when he failed to come to a complete stop as he approached a highway.

A woman in the vehicle he collided with died. Moe received a ticket for driving without due care and attention, and for failing to come to a complete stop. 

“This is a day that I deeply regret. This is a day I live with each and every day of my life. It’s a part of who I am and it’s a part of my decision-making process,” Moe said. 

Moe's full response can be viewed using the player above.

During his 2017 Sask. Party Leadership campaign, Moe revealed he was involved in the Shellbrook crash.

Balog’s post includes a photo of the Shellbrook Chronicle news article that states 39-year-old Joanne Balog was the woman who was killed and that Moe was the driver of the truck involved.

But in the post, Balog said he had just recently learned Moe was responsible.

“They wouldn’t tell me at the time who it was,” Balog wrote.

Moe said he had “no explanation why the family members were not notified.”

Moe also has a DUI conviction from 1992.

In an interview with CTV News on Tuesday, Balog's brother Danl Bulmer said Moe should have already reached out to the family.

"I expect after 23 years this guy would have had something to say so here we are today just finding out the name of this man," Bulmer said 

--With files from the Canadian Press