SASKATOON -- Guess how many orders the most frequent Saskatchewan user of SkipTheDishes placed an order this year.

Nope, more.

Still a long way off. Higher.

Not even close.

The answer: The most frequent user placed 900 orders to the meal delivery service in 2020, according to a news release.

It’s not the only belt-busting number SkipTheDishes served up this year,

On May 30, a Saskatoon resident ordered the most expensive order recorded in Saskatchewan - a $492.25 meal that order included eight orders of sushi, 12 chicken tenders and five quinoa and avocado powerbowls.

In 2020, the top three items ordered through SkipTheDishes in Saskatchewan were Asian dishes, Thai dishes and pizza.

However, Saskatchewan was second provinces for ordering the most vegan food, behind Manitoba, and ranked third for ordering kosher food behind Alberta and Ontario.

Nationally, alcohol orders increased by 707 per cent in the summer compared to pre-lockdown March and late night orders grew by 38 per cent.