SASKATOON -- Some residents along Morris Drive have been enduring a water main break.

“We're just all out of water here,” resident Lee Swanson said.

Swanson said he has been dealing with his water being on-and-off since Tuesday. He’s also caring for his elderly mother.

“We complain about the price of gas, which is deserved, but I mean you don’t have water, you got nothing,” said Swanson.

According to the city, the outage was down to affecting homes 2-27 as of Friday afternoon. Swanson’s water was restored.

The city says the cold weather plays a role in the water main breaks.

“That cold that comes in really penetrates down deep and under the roadway and then because the ground isn't necessarily uniform, it moves in different ways underneath there. So that difference in movements can cause a little bit of side pressure on the pipes,” said director water and waste operations Brendan Lemke.

The city has experienced about 50 water main breaks this year, according to Lemke.

Swanson feels the City could be doing more to prevent these outbreaks from happening.

John Sciansky says the water break reminds him of his childhood.

“Lived in Regina and the standpipe was about two blocks away and we used to go get water from our standpipe with a 45-gallon barrel and a wagon and we all made it out okay,” said Sciansky.

“For a few days, it doesn’t bother me.”