SASKATOON -- The City of Saskatoon says the holidays are the busiest time of year at the four recycling depots around the city, and they’ve had four times the number of trucks doing pickups.

They’re also asking for residents to have patience when it comes to leaving recycling at depots that are full.

“It's inconvenient, but really, you can't leave the material, there it's just going to blow away,” said director of water & waste operations Brendan Lemke, who added that breaking down boxes in recycling creates more space in the bins.

“It doesn't take much wind in Saskatchewan to move that stuff around, and then instead of our truck coming and taking what would have been 20 minutes and leaving, then they’ve got to hang around for a couple hours cleaning up the site, picking up all that stuff, that just creates more issues and more expense for taxpayers.”

There are four recycling depots around the city; Primrose Drive by the Lawson Civic Centre in Lawson Heights, Lowe Road behind Fire Station #9 in University Heights, McKercher Drive by the Lakewood Civic Centre, and on the corner of 22nd street and Witney Avenue in Meadowgreen.