Now that the weather has warmed up, many like to spend more time out in their yards, but some residents who live in the Silverspring neighbourhood, say that is not possible.

Enjoying time outside is not something Barbara Kaluzy says, she can do because of the dust produced from an access road just west of her area.

She says, ever since the Attridge Drive expansion was completed three years ago, the dust from Sutherland Beach access road is almost unbearable.

Previous to that, the road was used only for agricultural traffic.

Kaluzny has allergies and has difficulty breathing.

“You can’t have a life outside. You can’t leave your lawn furniture out there. I had nice wicker furniture out there and had to buy a cover for it. You can’t leave it out. You can’t really enjoy summer,” she told CTV News.

A group from the Silverspring area has been in contact with the city to try and get the gravel road paved. 

It became more of an issue for those in the area two years ago when the Attridge expansion resulted in the access road being moved to the Konihowski Road intersection which is right behind Kaluzy’s cul-de-sac. 

Ward 10 Counsellor Zach Jeffries says, the city approved a plan to curb the dust with a scheduled chemical application once a week. 

Jeffries says, the city approved $20,000 to $30,000 for the project which will treat the road with magnesium chloride, a salt-based chemical.It starts this week.

Kaluzy says, she wants to remain optimistic, but doesn’t think it will be a real solution. They are planning a petition if their concerns aren’t heard and the dust isn’t reduced.