Trent Wotherspoon is touting his political experience in his bid to lead the Saskatchewan NDP.

The Regina Rosemont MLA, who’s served as the NDP’s critic on major portfolios and was the party’s interim leader following Cam Broten’s resignation, was first elected to the legislature in 2007. He said his experience, combined with his established relationships across the province and strong support within the party, would make him a strong leader.

“I have the experience as an MLA for 10 years plus, building relationships provincewide, so I’m ready to do the work along with our team to get the job done,” Wotherspoon said.

Wotherspoon said he wants to work to build the NDP across the province, and noted the party needs more support in the rural areas.

Focusing on issues like education and mental health are key for the party, he said.

“I’ve laid forward a strong commitment around our Crown corporations, around education and, more importantly, universal mental health and addictions services,” he said. “These are things that are very important to me.”

The party is at a cross roads, according to Wotherspoon, but he said now is the opportunity for the NDP to present new ideas and connect with new voters.

“I see so much opportunity and so much potential within our province, which is why it’s so important to work to build to win and, ultimately, build a province that works for everyone.”

Wotherspoon is up against Ryan Meili to lead the party.

The NDP is set to choose the new leader at a convention in Regina on Saturday.

--- based on a report by Matt Young