Patsy Fullerton says she wants her money back after a vendor at the Saskatoon EX allegedly overcharged her to the tune of almost $700.

“That was my money to get me to the end of the month. I paid all my bills and that's a good thing, but I got to eat. So sad,” she told CTV News.

Fullerton, 62, has multiple sclerosis and bought a pain reducing product from a booth at the exhibition.

The seller said they were a local company, showed her a business card with a Saskatoon address, Fullerton said.

She thought she paid $169 for the heating and cooling pads then took the product home.

When her card was declined a few days later while buying groceries, she told her daughter and they began to investigate.

Her bank statement showed a $699 charge from the company.

In an attempt to get her mom’s money back, Beverly Fullerton went online to look for an address to track down the company and that address led her to a self-storage facility.

"There's not even a business there under his name. We've called the storage company and they’re not aware of his name or his business,” Beverly Fullerton told CTV News.

The Better Business Bureau said the company has six complaints on their webpage.

CTV News reached out to the business for comment and has not heard back.

Saskatoon EX spokesperson Susan Kuzma said: “This is a first time vendor here. All potential sellers have to apply to have a booth at the EX. If they receive complaints, it will affect their chances to get in next time.”

The Fullertons say that if they don’t get the money back, they will report the business to the police and the Better Business Bureau.