A Saskatoon woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death in the fall of 2009 has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

35-year-old Christine Dorothy Griffiths was originally charged with second degree murder, but by pleading guilty to a lesser charge, she'll avoid going to trial.

Lawyers for both parties agreed on the charge and gave an agreed statement of fact to the court in a hearing Thursday. The statement says that Jamie LaFramboise died of a stab wound and was found on the street behind St. Paul's Hospital.

Details from that night two years ago were heard in court, including the fact that both Griffiths and LaFramboise were alcoholics, and struggled with sobriety. On that night, both had started drinking at his mother's house earlier in the day, as well as smoked some marijuana. The couple got into an argument, and LaFramboise left, only to return hours later more intoxicated.

Griffiths, and two other women, left LaFramboise at his mother's house, and went to Griffith's apartment near St. Paul's Hospital, where they continued imbibing. Eventually LaFramboise arrived at the apartment by cab.

What follows was captured by a security camera across the street from the building. The video shows the couple shoving each other in the entrance way. Griffiths goes down the stairs, and LFramboise goes after her, and then he leaves. The entire act takes only about a minute and a half.

After the shoving match, LaFramboise, now stabbed in the heart, makes a call on a pay phone and collapses behind the hospital.

Griffiths says LaFramboise followed her downstairs, pulled a knife, and cut her on the arm. Then she picked up the knife and stabbed him in the chest.

A pre-sentencing report has been ordered and Griffiths is due back in court November 1.