A woman from northern Saskatchewan says she and her father are stranded in Saskatoon because there is no public bus transportation to get back home with after the STC was shutdown. 

She says her and her father were flown to the city from Creighton for emergency treatment.

Jamie Dawson says her father had a stroke on Sunday and was flown to Saskatoon by air ambulance and she went along with her dad.

Now, her 75-year-old father has been released from hospital and they have no way of getting back to Creighton, after STC was cut.  And the air ambulance service won't fly him back. Both their vehicles are in Creighton.

She says STC was a service they had used in the past, that definitely would have provided them with a way back to Creighton.

"STC is usually available" said Dawson, speaking to CTV News at RUH Thursday night. "It’s such a good ride, normally it’s just a half-hour layover in Prince Albert and then you get in by 9:30 at night. Yeah it would be the best way to go for sure."

Jamie Dawson and her father James Szocs do have the option of taking the 24-hour Greyhound trip to Winnipeg and then north to Flin Flon, which borders Creighton.