Thanks to Thursday night’s winter weather, there have been a series of accidents in Saskatoon.

As of noon today, Saskatoon Police had responded to 12 accidents since 7:00 a.m. Friday morning. The most recent occurred at 10:30 when a vehicle rolled and hit a power pole at the intersection of Central Avenue and College Drive. No one was seriously hurt, but the acceded tied up traffic.

Rush hour was help up on Highway 5 and McOrmod Drive as well. A vehicle flipped on it’s side, but again, the driver escaped without injury.

Another big accident happened shortly after noon today. A man was trapped in his vehicle after a collision on Circle Drive between Preston and Clarence Avenue South.

The Saskatoon fire department received the call at 12:03 p.m. and Engine 3 and Rescue 40 were dispatched to the scene. The arrived on the scene in just over four minutes and found three vehicles in the deep snow between the east and west bound lanes.

Saskatoon Fire had the scene assessed and made safe within three minutes.

Crews used Truck 40 hydraulic tools to remove the driver’s door to free the occupant. It took approximately seven minutes.

The occupant was taken to hospital with unknown injuries, and the other three people involved in the crash didn’t need medical attention.

Police are advising drivers to slow down and drive carefully.