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'Winging it': Skateboarder sets sights on a world record, from Saskatoon to Victoria


Saskatoon is the starting point this weekend as electric skateboarder Bradley Smith attempts a Guinness World Record that would take him to the West Coast.

"I’m obsessed with riding skateboards, snowboards, anything boards," Smith told CTV News.

Breaking the record has been on Smith’s mind for a while.

"It’s been a five-year dream that turned into reality about a year ago. I’ve always wanted to challenge a Guinness World Record," he said.

Smith lives in Victoria and is starting his trek in Saskatoon on Saturday. He’s working his way back home. It will be documented on his social media

"You got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

He’s hoping to break three world records.

"Longest journey in a single period, longest journey in a single country, and longest journey on an electric skateboard," he said.

(Carla Shynkaruk/CTV News)

He will mostly stay on the Trans Canada Trail except for around Calgary where he will have to take roadways because of laws in that area about electric skateboards.

"I’ll just be winging it. I’ve done my due diligence and looked into areas. I’ve reached out to many people in other towns to check for charging stations," he said.

Smith’s skateboard which he calls Roam, can go 150 kilometres on one battery pack and has six that he will have on the trek.

He’s not too concerned about the terrain in Saskatchewan, but it’s the westernmost part of his trip that he thinks will be the biggest challenge.

"I’ve also got a mini machete just in case of a survival situation, where I’m going to need it. I hope I never need to pull it out," he said.

"There’s long backcountry sections of gravel roads and there’s big wildlife in there as well and it’s mama season for a lot of animals."

He’s hoping to get through Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC within a month, covering 4000 kilometres.

Smith says he’s been training for a year.

"On the balancing board, trampoline, anything to work my core and carrying extra weight in my backpack," he said.

This isn’t the end of the trail for Smith who hopes to venture into the U.S. and down to Mexico to attempt another record in the future. Top Stories

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