An influx of evacuees in Prince Albert has prompted the province to ask wildfire evacuees to relocate to Saskatoon.

There are more than 1,700 people from the Pelican Narrows area staying in Prince Albert, while there are approximately 800 evacuees in Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan’s Emergency Social Services says the increased amount of people in Prince Albert has taken a toll on the city.

“It puts stresses on the health system. It puts stresses on hotels who have to increase everything from laundry, meals. They have to access more groceries and supplies,” Deanna Valentine, Emergency Social Services provincial co-ordinator, said.

“It adds strain to the whole system.”

The province said two wildfires in northern Saskatchewan continue to burn. The largest fire is 107,000 hectares – about six times the size of Regina.

There are hundreds of firefighters working to put out the flames using 21 helicopters and 15 pieces of heavy equipment, according to Saskatchewan Wildfire Management.

Chief Peter Beatty will decide when evacuees will be able to go back home to their communities.