SASKATOON -- Here's a list of all the candidates who are expected to run in the upcoming Saskatoon municipal election.

Candidates cannot formally submit their nomination papers until Sept. 22.

This resource will be updated regularly to reflect the most current information available in the run-up to the city's Nov. 9 election.

Candidates are listed alphabetically. 


Don Atchison 

Charlie Clark (Incumbent) 

Rob Norris 

Zubair Sheikh 

Cary Tarasoff 

Mark Zielke 

Ward 1 City Councillor 

Kevin Boychuk

Aron Cory

Darren Hill (Incumbent) 

Kyla Kitzul

Ward 2 City Councillor 

Hilary Gough (Incumbent) 

Rose Kasleder 

Ward 3 City Councillor 

Bobbi Ehman

Elizabeth Faye

Janine Lazaro

Mark Mills

Colin Prang

Nick Sackville

Chris Sicotte

Ward 4 City Councillor 

Troy Davies (Incumbent)

Ward 5 City Councillor 

Randy Donauer (Incumbent) 

Paul Miazga

Ward 6 City Councillor 

Cynthia Block (Incumbent) 

Lee Kormish

Jon Naylor

Ward 7 City Councillor

Mairin Loewen (Incumbent)

Carol Reynolds

Jim Rhode

Darcy Warrington

Ward 8 City Councillor 

Sarina Gersher (Incumbent) 

Brian Shalovelo

Ward 9 City Councillor 

Bev Dubois (Incumbent)

Carla Shabaga

Ward 10 City Councillor 

A.J. Itterman

Zach Jeffries (Incumbent)

Anjum Saeed