After 36 hours experiencing homelessness, 10 local leaders are now back home.

The fourth annual Sanctum Survivor has come to an end, raising more than $176,000 for Sanctum Care Group, which helps people living with HIV/AIDS in Saskatoon.

Police Chief Troy Cooper was one of the 10 participants. He was given the challenge of being physically impaired and spent the day and a half in a wheelchair.

“That was humbling and embarrassing and I had to rely one someone to help me and that made it really, really challenging for me,” Cooper said.

Although the challenge was tiring, he said it was also informative.

Those experiencing homelessness, poverty and chronic illnesses in the city “are cared for.” He said staff members and volunteers who work at services that are offered for the vulnerable all know the clients by name.

“People that are marginalized and using the services in the core neighbourhoods are a community,” he said.

Trying to sleep overnight was the toughest part, he said.

“It was so cold, I couldn’t have slept if I wanted to.”

He said he is glad he experienced Sanctum Survivor, but next year he’ll move aside and let someone else try it.

“It was a whirlwind.”