Gordon Eckl says his business partner is lucky to be alive after a severe storm tore off the entire roof from his Sutherland business on Thursday evening.

Eckl had left a few minutes earlier when he received a call from his partner to turn around and come back to the office.

“I had no idea, I honestly didn’t. When i drove up here I was coming across the bridge and there was a police officer and we were both stunned when we got here,” said Eckl, who owns EFL Flooring.

In addition to the roof being torn off, Eckl said damages to the building include extreme water damage and business material such as flooring and concrete.

Environment Canada said 87 kilometer per hour winds were recorded at the height of the storm, and the City of Saskatoon said more than 50 trees were brought down and multiple power lines were affected.

“In Saskatoon our major hazard that we deal with on a regular basis is storms - winter storms and summer storms,” said Pamela Goulden-Mcleod, director of emergency management for the city.

The city said close to 60 city employees were involved in helping to clean up the path of destruction that the storm left behind.