SASKATOON -- Saskatoon Police Service has confirmed its first positive COVID-19 case in an officer.

 On Thursday SPS administration was notified an officer had tested positive for COVID-19, SPS said in a news release.

The officer works in an administrative position, has limited interaction with front line members and doesn't deal with the public directly, SPS said.

It is not believed the officer contracted COVID-19 in the workplace, SPS said.

The police service is working with health officials to deep clean any areas the officer may have had contact with, SPS said.

"As a police service, we are considerate of the concern that members of the community may have upon hearing that a police officer has tested positive for COVID-19," Chief Troy Cooper said in a news release.

"However we want to assure citizens that we have planned for this likely possibility and remain in a strong position to continue to effectively serve our community."