A man from Ontario has finally made it to Humboldt after walking for 48 days across the country to honour victims of April’s Humboldt bus crash.

Rance Cardinal, 24, arrived in Humboldt on Sunday. He was welcomed by hundreds of people, including family members of the Broncos players, as he made his way to the city’s Elgar Peterson Arena for a ceremony.

“We did it. You know we did it.  It's not me.  You know it’s pretty much everybody who believed in me that I could do this.  That shows how much support we have for this community,” Cardinal said.

The man trekked 1,200 km across three provinces to make it to the Sask. city.

“It didn't matter how far it was.  I just had in my mind…and not one bit of I would say of quitting ran through my mind. So it was all pretty much good,” he said.

Cardinal is a former Junior A hockey player. He began walking from his hometown of Sioux Lookout, Ont., last month to honour players of the Humboldt bus crash that killed 16 people and injured 13 others in April.

“Ever since I lost my brother, for five years, I have not been clearly myself.  But ever since I crossed the Sask. border, I found Rance Cardinal again. As the days passed on, it was like I got myself stronger mentally and physically… emotionally.  I'd like to pass that strength on to the people of Humboldt,” he said.

Cardinal said he is excited to play ball hockey with the locals. He will be returning to Ontario in three days by car.

Based on a report by CTV’s Stephanie Villella.