SASKATOON -- The Athabasca Health Authority is urging Fond du Lac residents to adhere to self-isolation rules, as cases in the northern community are climbing quickly.

Fond du Lac reported its first COVID-19 case more than two weeks ago. On Monday, 66 cases have been reported with 325 close contacts. 

In a lengthy Facebook post from the Athabasca Health Authority, Derek Keller, the executive director of primary health care, detailed reasons why the community is seeing a spike in cases. 

“Close contacts and people who are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 are refusing to be tested,” the Facebook post reads. 

Keller said residents advised to self-isolate are still going out in the public, and people are still hosting parties. 

“We are aware of a party that had over 50 people attend this past week. This event has the potential to be a super spreader within the community,” Keller wrote. 

The Athabasca Health Authority said residents must comply with restrictions for at least three weeks to start reducing the infection rate. 

“Whether you believe this virus is real or not, we all have an obligation to follow the Public Health Orders,” the health authority post reads, adding the focus is to keep elders and kids safe. 

On Saturday, Saskatchewan reported a single-day COVID-19 record, with 439 new cases.