SASKATOON -- En route to work Sunday morning, Rock 102's Mike McGuire said he came across something out of the ordinary. 

“I’m driving to the radio station down Eighth and Broadway, and just as I’m coming up to the intersection, you know you see a car, a truck, and a moose just darting on by,“ McGuire told CTV in a phone interview.

Saskatoon police sent out a public advisory Sunday morning about a moose sighting near the Broadway bridge. 

A video submitted to CTV News — which can be viewed using the player above — shows the moose sprinting down the sidewalk along Broadway Avenue. 

Police said conservation officers have been notified to assist in tracking the moose. At around 3:30 p.m., Saskatoon police said officers were called to the 100 block of Briarvale Road as a moose had wondered into a yard there.

In a news relelase police said conservation officers were notified, attended and tranquilized the moose. Police said conservation officers transported the moose outside of the city and released the animal once it was alert.

“For a second I couldn’t believe what I saw, but there he was just going full tilt. He ducked off into a back alley for a second and I thought I better call the authorities,“ McGuire said. 

He added he was confused how a moose ended up in that area, with little vegetation and wildlife nearby. 

“That’s one of the busier intersections in town but it was early Sunday morning. Where he could have come from I have no idea,“ he said. 

Video captured by McGuire showed the moose heading eastbound on Eighth Street East. He said he called police who told him conservation officers were on the way.

Video of the moose was also captured in Stonebridge near Willis Crescent. 

“The most interesting thing that was happening before then was a few snowflakes, I was like ‘ok well if its going to snow that’s the thing I’m going to think about today’… then a moose runs by.“

McGuire said he grew up in an area where there were lots of moose, so this wasn’t his first in-person sighting.

He said compared to all of the other moose he's seen, this one was a slightly bigger than average, and he suspects it is still fairly young.

Despite how unusual it is to see a moose in the city, McGuire said he isn’t surprised it happened this year of all years. 

“It’s 2020, a moose in the middle of Saskatoon is one of the least weird things you’re going to see,“ McGuire said.