SASKATOON -- A day after a baby was discovered dead in a dumpster, dozens gathered for a vigil in the alleyway where the infant was found.

More than 40 people were in attendance Saturday afternoon, many laying cups with tiny electronic candles on the pavement.

Some could be seen shedding tears as they placed the candles by a collection of stuffed animals and toys left by community members near where the infant was found in a recycling dumpster Friday morning. 

“Everybody’s in a loss for words.” said Mario Fiddler, who sang at the vigil. “Nobody plans for this. There’s no agenda for times like this. We have to basically come together, work together with the police, with anyone that’s a witness.”


Several people spoke after Fiddler was done his first song. Their comments ranged from expressions of outrage towards the baby's mother to words of support for her.

Police are searching for the baby's mother and believe she may be in a vulnerable emotional and physical state.

“I would just urge her strongly to just tell somebody. Let someone know,” Fiddler said. “We know that she probably needs help so we want her to come forward so she can get the help that she needs.”

At times during the vigil, some embraced as they struggled to come to terms with the tragic event.

“The community comes together, they work together. It shows unity, it shows the love.” Fiddler said, stating they’re also trying to raise awareness so something like this doesn’t happen again.