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Viewers share images of funnel clouds and storms that swept Saskatchewan


The skies were truly alive in Saskatchewan Sunday, and photos and videos are pouring in from residents who got a front row seat to the show.

Environment Canada issued a tornado watch across much of the central part of the province early Sunday afternoon, as a low pressure system collided with an unstable air mass — creating conditions for intense storms, large hail, strong winds, downpours and tornadoes.

While the storms seemed to bypass Saskatoon, on social media residents of Borden, Aberdeen, Warman and Martensville shared images of rotating funnel clouds and hail.

Storm clouds, east of Borden, Sask. (Courtesy: Lloyd Laliberte)

A storm over Sovereign, Sask. (Courtesy: Alex and Cheryl Zidkovich)

Funnel Cloud near Aberdeen, Sask. (Courtesy: Brent Olszewski)

A funnel cloud over Aberdeen, Sask. (Courtesy: Melanie Gobeil)

A funnel cloud nearly touching down near Aberdeen, Sask. (Courtesy: Brent Olszewski)

While some of the funnel clouds pictured appear to nearly contact the ground, which would officially make them tornadoes, CTV News has not yet confirmed that any touched down in the Saskatoon region. Top Stories

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