SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon man has captured and shared a very Canadian video of a beaver standing underneath a Canadian flag near the city's Meewasin Trail.

“For me, I couldn’t have asked for more when the beaver was standing up and looking at the flag. It was really a ‘we stand on guard for thee’ moment for me,” Mike Digout said.

Digout has taken an interest in photographing beavers and decided with Canada Day coming up, he wanted to take a “really cool photo.”

Digout says he bought a flag and used sticks and binder clips to hang it up over the trail where he knows the beavers often walk through in the mornings.

“I just sat and waited and hoped it would pay off with a good photo opportunity.”

Digout says he waited around 45 minutes when a beaver nicknamed “Spud” showed up. One of the other photographers who often goes to the same area dubbed her the “cutest little potato in the pond,” giving her the unique name.

Once the beaver stood on its legs and looked up, Digout clicked as many photos as he could.


After several seconds of the beaver standing up, Digout says it appeared she could smell the branches he used for flag poles and did something unexpected.


“She leaned over, sniffed the flagpole a couple of times, then she pulled it off and took off running … it just added a whole sense of excitement to the video that went well beyond my imagination.”

Digout posted the video to his YouTube channel, “Mike's Videos of Beavers” and the video has more than 7,000 views.

“Right away I think people thought it was pretty special … I think just the visual of the beaver under the flag really generated a lot of interest.”

Digout says it makes him happy that people get to appreciate and enjoy the experiences he’s had capturing images and videos of the furry creatures for the past nine months.

Of all the photos he’s taken, Digout says this one is “right up there” with his favourite moments.

“It’s pretty damn Canadian.”