Veterans at Sherbrook Community Centre had a chance to relax and have some fun over a cold beer before commemorating Remembrance Day.

Staff and volunteers organized the event so veterans and their family members can reminisce with friends and other former military members.

"This is one of the few really good times we have when we get together," said Korean War veteran Alfred Schmidt. "Former veterans like to get together and shoot the breeze now and again about things that went on for them and how their life is going," added Schmidt.

Staff and volunteers organize a veterans' happy hour every week, but staff say this one is a bit more special since Remembrance Day is coming up.

Eric Anderson, communications leader for Sherbrook Community Centre, said even though the event is for veterans, staff and volunteers get a unique opportunity as well.

"When you're sitting across the table from a veteran and you're sharing a pint and they're telling you stories about what it was like to be in an airplane over the English Channel while being shot at... it hits you in a way that no history text book could ever could."

A Saskatoon brewery made an appearance as well. 21st. Street Brewery brought and served a keg of a beer they made specifically for Remembrance Day.

"It's one thing to give some donations, but sometimes it's more meaningful to spend some time and to, in person, get to honour some folks," said Casey Murray, head brewer at 21st. Brewery. "We can give them a beer we made for them, which is maybe something that hasn't happened to them before," Murray said. "And also get to have some conversations and spend some time."

The brewery is also selling their Remembrance Day beer at Winston's English Pub and donating a portion of the proceeds to Saskatoon's Veterans Village.