Road blocks are set to meet motorists at Saskatoon’s University Bridge.

The 100-year-old structure is scheduled to close at 7 a.m. Sunday morning, according to the city. Crews are starting work on a four-month project to repair the bridge.

“We know this project is going to have a significant impact on traffic flow,” city engineering manager Rob Frank said in a media release. “We know this is a pain in the asphalt.”

The $6-million project, which will keep the bridge closed until the end of August, will see crews resurface the entire bridge deck and repair pedestrian railings.

“We’re taking off all the asphalt and a thin layer of concrete and we’re replacing it with a full concrete deck,” Frank told media.

“Some other work that’s going to occur: We’re going to be taking off the green pedestrian railings, galvanizing them and repainting them just to protect them into the future as well.”

One pedestrian walkway will remain open during the repairs and one lane of traffic will stay open for emergency vehicles, city transit and some school buses. Unauthorized vehicles attempting to cross the bridge may be fined $90.

Regular vehicle traffic must reroute, the city said.

  • Drivers heading to the University of Saskatchewan from the city’s northwest are advised to use the Circle Drive North Bridge to Preston Avenue.
  • Drivers heading to the university from the southwest should use the Circle Drive South Bridge to Circle Drive to College Drive.
  • The Circle Drive North Bridge to Warman Road will be the best route for motorists heading downtown from Saskatoon’s northeast, according to the city.
  • Eighth Street or Circle Drive, then the Sid Buckwold Bridge, will provide the best access to downtown from the southeast.

Traffic signals will also be retimed on several streets the city expects to become busier. Lights will be retimed on Eighth Street, 12th Street, Broadway Avenue, Idylwyld Drive, Second Avenue, Fourth Avenue, 25th Street, College Drive, Warman Road and Preston Avenue, the city said.

A new transit route will also be launched during the project. The bus — the 200 route — will shuttle riders between the downtown terminal and the university every 15 minutes on weekends.

Frank still recommended residents find alternative methods of transportation.

Biking, walking or carpooling might be the best way to get around.

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