Hailing a ride from a ridesharing service in Saskatoon is now possible, as Uber started its engines Tuesday afternoon.

"We are excited about the launch of new safe and affordable transportation options for the city of Saskatoon, along with flexible economic opportunities for local residents," Uber business manager Michael van Hemmen said in a news release.

The city gave ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft the green light to operate in Saskatoon late last year after the province introduced ridesharing regulations.

Saskatoon’s bylaw mandates that all taxi cabs and ridesharing companies must start fares at $3.75, although how fares look at the end of the trip could vary. Drivers must also complete a criminal record check.

Joe Hargrave, minister responsible for SGI, said in the release that ridesharing will provide another option for people to get home safely.

MADD CEO Andrew Murie said the group is pleased ridesharing is available to Saskatoon residents.

It’s not known when Lyft will arrive in the city.