Students will be moving into residences in record numbers this fall at the University of Saskatchewan. That's thanks in part to the opening of two more buildings in the campus' college quarter development.

A few years ago, students had a difficult time finding somewhere to live on campus.  Now, with these two new residences, the university has finally met its goal of being able to house 12 per cent of its student population.

Silvia Cholodnuik is the residence manager at the U of S. “When we had six per cent it was very competitive to get into residence. As we're opening new housing, we still have space available. So if students are interesting and looking for space, we have space both at Voyager Place, and at College Quarter."

College Quarter is the newest residence at the U of S. Half of the building opened last September when 400 students moved in. The rest of the building will open with the arrival of 400 more students this fall.

“It's huge,” says Cholodnuik. “We actually have space to work with now. So when recruiters are going out to, whether it be Alberta, B.C, or over to Asia, India, they can say we have space available.”

One more residence, Grad House, is set to open in January. It will provide over 200 beds for graduate students.