PRINCE ALBERT -- The University of Saskatchewan’s (U of S) College of Dentistry has opened a clinic in Prince Albert to provide care to people who might not have access to oral care and dentistry services.

The Inclusive Community Care Clinic operates in downtown Prince Albert at the U of S Prince Albert Campus building.

The Director of Inclusive Care, College of Dentistry Dr. Amrinderbir Singh says the purpose of the clinic is to give students experience with working with a diverse segment of society and to improve oral health among patients.

“It’s good exposure for students to learn about diverse segments of society and broaden their understanding of unique combined influences of social, cultural, psychological and economic factors that influence oral health,” Singh said.

Students in their fourth year of studies at the college work at the clinic under the direction of the licensed dentist. Students live at a U of S residence in Prince Albert during their two-week rotation of work.

George Allen came to the clinic for the first time and said he’s pleased with the care he received.

“My former dentist has retired so I needed a new dentist anyway so I thought I’d come here and give it a try,” said Allen. “They have a plan for me to get some fillings done so I plan to come back.”

The clinic charges for its service and uses the Saskatchewan fee-for-care guidelines and other insurance and national standards as their guidelines for fees. They can sometimes waive fees but this is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The clinic is one of seven of its kind in the province. The university partnered with several First Nations and community groups to open clinics in Cumberland House, La Loche, Big River, Kinistino, Yellow Quill and Saskatoon.

The clinic will be open year-round, providing dental care Monday through Friday. Patients can book appointments in person, by phone or on the website.

A donation of $1,050,000 from DentalCorp contributed the building and furnishing of the clinic.