Conservative candidate Brad Trost spent Thursday defending comments he made at a pro-life convention. Trost, who is running in the Saskatoon-Humboldt riding, created controversy when he said federal funding to Planned Parenthood would be shut down after the election.

CTV Saskatoon spoke to Trost, asking explicitly why he felt Planned Parenthood should be defunded.

"I think I've been very clear," said Trost. "Because it supports abortion."

Earlier, the Prime Minister said the abortion debate is not on, but Trost says he hopes Harper will support his view.

"I would like him to come around and I would like him to change, but I don't think he will. But I respect him and I respect what the party status is on it and I know he respects how I represent my individual constituents."

International Planned Parenthood works in developing nations and provides information on birth control, HIV-AIDS, child birth and rarely -- it says -- on abortion. Evelyn Reisner, a sexual health worker, say the Tory's comments have made voters think.

"I think it puts the conservatives in a tight spot because now it's a big issue and now it's a political issue. Where before they were doing it quietly," said Reisner.

Darren Hill, the Liberal candidate says his opponent's party doesn't' support him and suggests something more sinister is going on.

Certainly Trost's comments speak very clearly to that fact," said Hill. "That he has a hidden agenda specifically for Planned Parenthood."

Kiel Luhning is a first-year medical student who asked Trost about his position on Planned Parenthood. Luhning says such views threaten basic public health.

"Protective measures like STI testing, education, things that Planned Parenthood already does go beyond partisanship."

And after all of this debate, it's still not clear if the Harper government will fund Planned Parenthood International.