A Crown prosecutor began working Monday to prove a 34-year-old woman who died after an altercation south of Saskatoon was killed by her mother in a family dispute.

The prosecutor’s efforts opened day one of the second-degree murder trial of Frances Rose Sugar at Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

Sugar, 53, is accused of killing her daughter Lindey in June 2014.

According to police, Lindey was killed after an altercation outside of a vehicle at Clarence Avenue South and Victor Road, about 10 kilometres south of the city. She suffered a neck injury and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

The Crown called two witnesses, a husband and wife who live on an acreage in the area, to the stand Friday. Both told court they recalled seeing a woman, covered in blood, lying in the ditch near their house and another woman walking toward the city.

One witness said the woman walking away told her to call 911 before leaving the scene.

The Crown claims Lindey was the woman in the ditch and Frances was the one walking away.

Both witnesses also told court a man tried to help revive Lindey. Both said they thought she was dead when paramedics arrived.

Lindey Sugar had ties to both Alberta and Saskatchewan, according to police.

Frances Sugar is from Calgary. Her trial is set to last between two to three weeks.