A Transwest Air pilot says she was part of an all-woman crew while working as a contracted pilot on a Saskatchewan Air Ambulance flight in June 2018.

Now Dianna Clayton says she’s excited to hear about Saskatchewan Air Ambulance’s recent announcement that for the first time in the organization’s history an all-female crew responded to the call.

“I cannot be happier because we work really closely with air ambulance and it is awesome that they were able to finally have that and I hope they can keep doing it.”

According to a House of Commons study from earlier this year women represent only five per cent of the worlds airline pilots, while in Canada seven per cent of airline pilots are women.

Transwest Air employs 70 pilots and five are women, a number that the airline hopes to increase.

“Women are starting to see it as a place where they can be, and I strongly encourage women, there is such a demand right now for pilots overall on a global side of things that I would encourage women who have an interest in aviation to get involved and be a pilot,” business development officer Patty Hughes said.