Tourism Saskatoon blogger Darby Sutherland has created a list of day trip destinations within about an hour from Saskatoon.

"I did a little one-day road trip where I tried to hit up as many spots around Saskatoon as I could,” Sutherland told CTV News.

That’s good news for Elliot Zach and his family who were out at one of those locations, Champetre County, about 40 minutes east of Saskatoon.

"Well I was going to make a list of things to do each day when she's at work and during the days she's not, we can hang out and do stuff," Zack said.

The list includes places like Manitou Lake with Danceland and the mineral spa as well as the Rosthern Arts Centre and Tea Room, the town of Borden, Cranberry flats and Champetre County. The highlight of the Western-inspired town setting is a wooden maze.

"It was built in two parts, and it's actually pretty big. Some people can make it in five minutes which are rare and there are other people we had to save," owner Francine Edmondson said.

Elliot’s mom, Aviva Kohen, likes the idea of having places to go that are close by the city.

"It can be tricky to get everyone excited about something, but as soon as you say animals and running around outside I think it's appealing for all ages. I’m really excited to check out the maze."