The Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan Indoor Games are hosting thousands of athletes at the Field House.

The 55th annual track meet attracts high-level athletes from across Canada and the U.S. Thursday to Sunday.

On the opening day, elementary students were the focus.

Victoria Fairburn, a Grade 8 student, was given the opportunity to race in the 100 metre relay with her classmates from Howard Code School.

Part of the track meet’s mandate is to include students from community schools who might not get a chance to participate in track. Fairburn’s being competing at the Knights track meet for four years, and has seen the benefits.

"Physical activity of course, you got to exercise and I think it's fun. I think I want to do it in high school too," Fairburn told CTV news.

She said the gym at her elementary school is small so it's a nice change to come to the Field House.

"I think it's fun to come here. Some people on my team have never been here before so they're like, it's so big. So I think it's a good experience."

Organizers have been giving students from community schools a chance to try out track and field for four years.

"Lots of these kids will never run on a track or have never been on a relay team or some of the schools don't have enough students. So this just gives them a chance to be here and do it," Dale Yellowlees, invitations director told CTV News.

The games feature elementary, high school and university athletes as well as 30 top level Olympic hopefuls from Canada and the U.S. Some of those top athletes will be meeting with the students from the community schools to share their story and how they got to where they are today.

The games wrap up Saturday night.