SASKATOON -- For the 10th year in a row, Saskatoon's Ahmadiyya Muslim community held its annual Remembrance Day event.

The Saskatoon event followed the Friday prayer at the Baitur Rahmat Mosque.

The purpose of the event is to raise money for the Legion for the local veterans through Poppy sales and to "collectively pray for the past and present heroes of the country.”

“This is very important event, not only for us but also for our next generation,” said spokesperson Mubarik Syed.

“We believe that the country that we live in, Canada, is one of the most wonderful countries in the world,” said Syed. 

Syed says usually, they would bring in veterans to speak at the event and to teach children about Canada and their time in the war, but because of the pandemic veterans and children under 10 were not able to attend.

However, he said it was still important that the event continued even in these challenging times.

“Being a Muslim, this is our fundamental duty to show our love for the country that we live in, that is our religious duty,” said Syed.

“This (country) was given to us after many sacrifices by men and women and many have offered the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. And to bring this beautiful country to us, we must remember them and we must make sure that our next generation remembers it,” said Syed. 

In a ceremony such as this, people would usually pray shoulder to shoulder, but because of the pandemic, they have to bring their own prayer mats and must set them up 6 feet apart. 

The mosque has limited its capacity during the pandemic and requires everyone to wear a mask upon entering.

Syed says the Ahmadiyya Muslim community’s hope is to raise thousands of dollars for veterans across Canada from these events.