SASKATOON -- Under the leadership of Scott Moe, the Saskatchewan Party has achieved a feat that hasn't been replicated in the province since the CCF government of Tommy Douglas — a fourth straight majority government.

The Sask. Party's streak first began under the leadership of Brad Wall in 2007.  Moe took over the party's reigns from Wall in 2018. This is the first time he's lead the party in an election.

In an interview with CTV News on election night, the former premier said while he "had a sense" that a majority was likely, the win speaks volumes about the attitudes of voters in the province. 

"This is big, this is a very significant story that's unfolding for the province on a couple of fronts. One, a validation of the leadership of Premier Moe and the government through a pandemic," Wall said.

"They set the ballot question early I think, and effectively, basically asking Saskatchewan people a question that resonated with them which was 'Which leader, which party will best lead us to recovery from the pandemic?'"

Wall said the Sask. Party's continuing hold on rural constituencies should also serve as a wake-up call for the NDP.

"I think there's also a message here for the NDP, because I sense that living in more rural area as I do, it's somehow managed to get even more disconnected from rural Saskatchewan," Wall said

"Think there's got to be a lot of thought that goes into what's next for the NDP in our province."

Wall also said Monday's election results may also hold some messages for his own party, pointing to the newly formed Buffalo Party's potential for strong finishes in a handful of rural ridings.

"I'm sure the Saskatchewan Party and the Premier and the elected MLAs will take some time after this to evaluate, because you know governments can always do better certainly and I'm sure they'll be they'll be looking for some messages from voters on where they should improve."