SASKATOON -- The new list of banned guns in Canada is causing confusion, says a worker at Back-Forty Guns and Gear in Saskatoon.

"The problem is they keep adding to it every day, and we don't know what those additions are," Lance Kelsey says.

On May 1 the federal government has announced a ban on around 1,500 military-grade “assault-style” weapons in Canada, barring licensed gun owners from selling, transporting, importing or using these types of weapons, effective immediately.

This is being done by changing the classification of these guns in Canada, moving them from non-restricted or restricted class, to “prohibited.”

Gun owners who already own these assault-style weapons will be allowed to grandfather in their ownerships, allowing them to still possess these guns under specific terms.

Kelsey said it’s difficult for the store to know what to sell.

"If we were to sell one today that may have been banned last week, what are our liability issues? I mean, we sold a firearm that would have been prohibited. It would be nice to know what repercussions if any we would suffer."

In a statement Thursday to CTV News, the Ministry of Public Safety said the RCMP is updating the firearms reference table to reflect the May 1 prohibition.

“So while they are being added to the list, the weapons being added would have already been prohibited," the ministry says.

The list is being updated as quickly as possible and Ottawa is considering options to bring in a classifications system that would ensure clarity for the public, police and manufacturers, the ministry says.

The RCMP has not responded to questions regarding the consequences for unknowingly selling a prohibited firearm before it was added to the banned firearms list.

The current list of weapons has been published online.

With files from CTV News