SASKATOON -- Members of L’arche Saskatoon, a community of people with and without disabilities, are competing in “Battle of the Fans,” an international lip-syncing competition hosted by people with disabilities.

In the bracketed competition with as many as 28 teams, Saskatoon’s video set to “I’m going to love you forever” by Randy Travis saw them get by a group from Lethbridge in the first round.

“We gain points three different ways,” said Krista Loewen with L’Arche Saskatoon.

“People can donate online through CanadaHelps and that gives us one point for every dollar. And then if you like our video on Facebook, we get two points for every like, and then if you share our video on Facebook, we get three points for every share.”

“We've moved on to round two,” said group member Alecia Thompson. “So we'll have to see if we even move on to round three.”

In round two, the group is up against Long Island, N.Y., with a video set to “Lowrider” by War.

Loewen says there isn’t a cash prize for the eventual winner. The competition is more about having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

“It's really about bringing people together,” she said. “I think there will be a trophy.” 

Wednesday is the International Day of People with Disabilities. Loewen says, much like the day itself, the competition and videos serve to send a message of celebration of people with disabilities.

“Often people with disabilities don't get as much funding, or they tend to really struggle with getting support and access to things that they need,” she said.

“So it's just a day to highlight that people with disabilities are great, that they have lots of gifts, and that they deserve recognition and celebration.”

“Even though it's for disabilities, to not assume that people with disabilities can't do anything,” said Thompson. “Maybe people won’t be able to do it as quick and someone else can, but just be patient with people with disabilities, and they can do it.”

“If you just give us a chance to you never know what we will exceed.”