SASKATOON -- It is officially Halloween and while trick-or-treating is going to look much different this year due to COVID-19, the excitement is all the same for one Saskatoon family who has come up with a creative way to safely celebrate the occasion. 

Frances MacEachern said she always looks forward to handing out Halloween candy, but this year she was concerned she might not be able to.

”Sometimes I used to get them to sing a little and that, but now with this, you’ve got to keep your distance and just give it to them, which kind of makes me sad because we’ve had so much of this coronavirus that I really think our kids need this," Frances said. 

Luckily, thanks to a little handiwork from her husband Earl, they now have a way to drop candy off to trick-or-treaters from a very safe distance. 

”It’s a simple thing that we seen on TV that I just turned around and took a couple of PVC pipes and built a bit of a shoot here for the kids,” Earl told CTV News. 

The shoot is set up along the railing on the MacEacherns' front porch.  

Frances said it's unfortunate that there aren’t going to be as many homes this year for trick-or-treaters to stop at, but that she will be ready.

”So many people are saying they aren’t going to open their doors to it, so I thought ‘you know what? I am going to because these kids need this,'" Frances said. 

Last month, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA)  released a list of Halloween guidelines  and recommendations, such as only handing out wraped store-bought candy, considering wearing a mask and carrying hand sanitzer, and maintaining a two-metre distance from others.