SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan health officials are providing more insight into where COVID-19 transmission is occurring outside the home

While household transmission is still the most likely source of new COVID-19 cases, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has shared a list of the top 10 sources of community transmission based on recent data.

  • 25 per cent — Recreation/recreational facilities (e.g., ice rinks, bingo halls, bowling alleys, casinos)
  • 17 per cent — Gatherings (e.g., weddings, funerals, house parties, celebrations, break rooms)
  • 14 per cent — Group homes, shelters, outreach programs
  • 8 per cent — Educational institutions (cases more likely in teachers/staff; in students, test positivity is higher in 14 to 19 year olds)
  • 8 per cent — Food services establishments (cases more likely among co-workers)
  • 7 per cent — Long-term care, retirement and personal care homes
  • 6 per cent — Fitness centres
  • 6 per cent — Transportation and trades (e.g., taxi drivers, medical taxis, meat packing facilities)
  • 5 per cent — Nightclubs
  • 2 per cent — Places of worship

According to the SHA, all 10 categories share common risk factors, including shared indoor airspace, difficulty maintaining physical distance and practicing proper hand hygiene.