Jeff Zoerb always knew he wanted to be a firefighter.

“My childhood house started on fire twice. I grew up outside Delisle and just seeing the volunteer fire department come and do everything they did kind of started the bug.”

Zoerb and Jeremy Winter are two of 130 primary care paramedics with the Saskatoon Fire Department. They’re stationed at Fire Hall 1 – the city’s busiest fire hall.

“It’s definitely stressful. You deal with people’s worst days, so you go into situations and you’re expected to fix it,” Zoerb said.

About 14,000 calls come into the department each year – 5,000 of which are EMS related, whether it’s a car accident or someone who has fallen.

Whether it’s a minor or life-threatening call, Winter says it’s all about working as a team.

“There might be one truck on scene but it takes a whole bunch of people to get us there. Whether it’s dispatchers or multiple trucks, everybody’s there to help,” Winter said.

“It’s my way of giving back," Zoerb said. "It’s a very fulfilling career. When you go home, you feel like you’ve contributed.”