The search continues on the Muskowekwan First Nation Saturday as volunteers look for 17-year-old Cody Ridge Wolfe. Cody went missing two months ago, and the disappearance hits hard for the family. Less than five years ago, an aunt vanished without a trace. The family now has to deal with two disappearances in less than five years.

Myrna LaPlante, a family member, says the search has been trying for everyone involved. "It's really difficult for the family. You know as each day goes by it just gets harder and harder."

On the evening of April 29, Cody went missing after authorities believe he walked eight kilometers down a washed-out grid road. The road prevented Cody from going any further, so he walked off the main path. The cold, wet temperatures that evening lead search party organizers to worry about Cody's well-being.

Lloyd Goodwill helped put the search party together. He says that evening was made more difficult because of the weather. "It was a horrendous evening to try and find your way thru some of these fields. You're definitely going to get wet, you're possibly going to get hypothermic."

Rising waters from heavy rain only prevented more problems on the road. RCMP has searched the waters here but has since come up with nothing. But searchers have a goal to find Cody this Saturday.

To make matters worse, the family had suffered through a similar tragedy just four years ago. An elderly aunt disappeared then, and was never found despite a massive search.

78-year-old Emily Osmond LaPlante was last seen at her Kawacatoose First Nation home. There was no evidence of foul play and it appears she simply vanished. She was never found and the memories are still fresh. Aunt Myrna LaPlante says the similarities between the two disappearances make it hard for the family.

"Lots of sadness, lots of wondering, what happened? What happened here? Because both are unexplained," says LaPlante.

RCMP is asking for anyone that has any information on the disappearance of Cody Ridge Wolfe to contact local police services or Crime Stoppers.

Cody is described as 5"7' and 120 pounds, with short black hair, brown eyes, and a scar between his nose and upper lip.