SASKATOON -- Saskatoon is going to be losing one of its beloved landmarks, the Golden Dragon building, later this year after its owners tear it down.

“It was kind of like this beautiful time capsule, so we’ve kept it as original as possible,” said Christie Peters, owner of The Hollows, a restaurant that is currently using the Golden Dragon building.

The Hollows has been using the building for nearly 10 years now and for more than 50 years before that, it was home to the Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant. 

The building on Avenue C and 19th Street is known for its large, colourful Golden Dragon sign on the storefront, and was kept in place when The Hollows took over, along with some of the other decor. 

Christie Peters

Although Peters knew this day was coming, she said it’s difficult for her to say goodbye.

"This is like a second home to me. It’s going to be really strange for sure,” Peters said. 

Fire inspectors and the city are calling for upgrades to the building, but the owners opted to tear it down instead, according to Peters. 

She said the building is set to come down sometime after Sept. 30 of this year, but she is planning on being out of the building sooner to focus more on The Hollows’ sister restaurant, Primal.

Peters was hoping to form a human chain around the building as a way to say goodbye, but that’s no longer possible due to concerns about COVID-19.

Peters said she appreciates the messages of support she has received from the community as she says farewell to this beloved landmark.